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And there is an app for that

Applications will become differentiators that influence purchase decision rather than the car itself. But the competitive advantages will have shorter cycles. I.e. constant innovation will be required (as in the mobile phones industry for the past 15 years).


Cars are increasingly getting connected to the internet. Car of the internet is an imminent reality, with most manufacturers offering some features powered by the internet. The race is on as to who will provide more services, faster and cheaper.


Connected cars will have tons of applications and features for all aspects of car ownership


Commerce – Pay for car related purchases, from the car. Eg fuel, parking, servicing, tolls etc


Insurance – Data from the car and associated driver behavior would be a virtual gold mine for insurance companies to customize their policies and reward good behavior.


Entertainment – Contextual and customized content can redefine in car entertainment. From auto selected long drive songs on highways to suggestions and trivia based on location. Wouldn’t it be great to experience scenes from Skyfall as you drive around London city.


We can expect similar such developments, with super personalization. Better navigation with more accurate traffic and street data. Voice activated communication. And even features that enhance your productivity as you drive around.


Biometrics and ‘context relevant’ computing will play a key factor in super personalizatione.g. if the driver has paid a bill for 3 drinks by his credit card at a bar at 10.30 at night, the car will adjust the driver-assist mode based on the time, what the driver has had, road conditions, weather AND aspects like eye-movement and motor skills of the driver.


These apps would have the power to transform the same car into a virtual office as you leave to work or a complete entertainment center as you head out over the weekend to a resort.


Apps and associated services would create excitement of something new everyday without having to upgrade (change) the car every few years.

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