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Beyond the hood

Technology developments that will deeply influence the automobile industry

Car diagnostics will have a lot more applications, including insurance personalization, emergency response, vehicle service and maintenance and even gamifying our drive ala Pokemon Go. Predictive maintenance will become mainstream, especially as TAAS becomes more prevalent.


Heads-Up-Display + Context Relevant computing + Personalization + Gesture Control will change the way we control our vehicles OR how they control us. And in fact will become the differentiators that impact purchase behavior (much like screen resolution and picture quality and personalization and gesture controls, etc. are differentiators for phones).


Car screens will become ‘media properties’for super-personalized in-car marketing opportunities. Car companies or TAAS companies will potentially make more money as a ‘media platform’ than as a transportation company.


Customer and company relationship will evolve to be an ongoing engagement with regular product and service enhancements with ongoing revenue potential. A car buyer would open up window of opportunity for continued commerce for car companies.


Super-customization will become more prevalent than factory-fitted cars. E.g. instead of standard seats, customers can opt for a seat that tracks health. Instead of standard glass, consumers can opt for glass that doubles up as a super high-quality HUD on which one can watch a movie while in a AV. Super customization will be aided by 3D printing which will redefine the cost of product distribution channels, warehousing and logistics


Blockchain, initially in supply chain, will become critical to cost and operational efficiencies with new use cases emerging over the years


Cyber Securitywill be imperative for carmakers, to quickly build, or acquire. As cars get connected to the internet and bring in more electronics, hacking and tampering would become real threats. Making the cars highly secure from all such attacks and preventing the massive amount of data that the cars generate would be a great business opportunity for cyber security companies


Traditional dealership models and car financing models will be disruptedby concepts like online platforms & marketplaces and finance options like P2P lending.


Applications, not ‘vehicles’: Rather than selling ‘vehicles’, OEMs will need to think of providing pre-constructed & configurable solutions for use cases. These will have to be smart and connected. E.g. Ambulances, delivery vehicles, dental clinic/ GP clinic, mobile stores, logistics vehicle, Vending Machines, robotic kitchen

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