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Case Studies

The Growth Labs Corporate Innovation Programs

At The Growth Labs, we help companies get greater value from their innovation programs.

We have a formalized system to identify startups, curate and nurture them across industry sectors and technologies. This is done in partnership with startup bodies, incubators and top educational institutes, supported by an industry expert from our team. This ensures that we are able to forge the right partnership.

We have found in our experience that corporates and startups find it hard to directly engage with each other due to clash of culture and philosophy. We combine our knowledge of both worlds to forge a meaningful partnership with great results.


For many large auto majors, The Growth Labs runs their innovation program.

This involves setting up an on-going program that identifies new technologies and solutions in the automotive and transportation space.

Under this program we continue to identify high-potential startups and new-age companies with solutions relevant for the client. We have already curated over 750 startups and identified over 40 for various levels of engagement.


Client's Problem Statement: Traditional sales method was expensive and ineffective in growing revenue.

Need: To identify innovation to relook at the sales, marketing and customer engagement process

Solutions from the innovation program:

Revamped the sales process via new-age online platform for a centralized marketing & sales program, integrated with in-house call-center.

Outcome: Replaced the large field force, thus significantly reducing cost of sales and expanding reach.


Client's Problem Statement: Stagnating revenue with the traditional model of B2B sales via photographers.

Solutions from the innovation program:

Developed a direct Customer Acquisition platform using a new-age tech solution.

Outcome: Strengthened the consumer brand, easy to use e-Commerce interface and an effective customer acquisition program to sell directly to customers, thereby removing margins and cost of sales.


Client's Problem Statement: Net revenue from the SaaS was small although company had a fast expanding customer base.

Solutions from the innovation program:

A market-place model that open avenues for additional revenue from existing clients.

The tech platform for this will help seamlessly integrate range of vendors and service providers relevant to the existing customer base.

Outcome: Added revenue streams without any addition to costs and expanded product offering to customers.


Client's Problem Statement: Banking segment undergoing significant disruption with Fintech.

We assisted the bank’s innovation program team in identifying relevant startups, curating the most high-potential ones, and making them business ready for the bank to engage with.

We were able to do this quickly and efficiently because of our deep reach in the startup eco-system across India, and leveraging our existing database of startups.

State Govt.

Opportunity : To help startups get greater value from the Government’s startup program.


Our solution:

  • Implemented a standard evaluation criterion via a well-calibrated score card to identify need gaps
  • Skill-building programs to address identified need gaps
  • Developed partnerships with industry
  • Created partnerships with investors and accelerators


Conducted comprehensive due diligence of potential startups for strategic investments by a healthcare major.


Client's Problem Statement: Expanding business opportunity for a well established player in financial technology space.

We developed a plan to expand range of services that will integrate external partners under a financial products marketplace that shall leverage the company's large network of merchants and customers.

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