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Reality, Virtuality and Mixology

Imagine being able to drive your vehicle on any road in the world. From manoeuvring the hairpin bends in the Swiss Alps to zipping down highways across the Great Barrier Reef. Racing down the track at Monza to wrestling the wheel in the back alleys of Baghdad, all from the comfort of your home. Absolutely real like.

These and more applications are being made possible with high resolution Virtual Reality. Advancements in hardware, 360 cameras and better processing capability is making VR more and more lifelike. There have been applications created for a bus ride across the surface of Mars. Gesture control and facial recognition will virtual almost real.

Virtual reality would replace more and more real test drives and experiences. At showrooms and at homes. Thus reducing the burden on dealerships, yet greatly enhancing consumer experiences.

Large scale adoption of full scale VR test drives is still some time. As costs come down and designers decode how to build more engaging experiences, VR is a trend that the auto industry is likely to adopt faster than most other industries.

Augmented Reality integration will be omnipresent, at sales centers, for service and repairs, for drive assistance and navigation and even commerce and in-car-entertainment. AR applications have started finding their way into car demos and will soon start taking on more practical applications, easily available on your smartphones.

Perhaps the most interesting applications would emerge from Mixed Reality – balancing real world input with VR, super imposed with AR for a truly enthralling experience.

An online car showroom, equipped with such Extra Reality solutions, easily accessible on desktops and smartphones can dramatically enhance eCommerce potential of automobiles, which have so far not found much traction in online sales. This poses a strong threat to a large network of news and used car auto dealers around the world, and provides an opportunity to connect directly with their customers.

How it all pans out remains to be seen. But the technology is available to challenge every aspect of our reality. And it is truly exciting.

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