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    Get a ring side view of the innovations disrupting the world and your industry, and how your company can get innovative.

  • Here's what companies get from the TGL Innovation Day


    The TGL Innovation Day is a well-structured program to help decision makers get a quick grasp of the disruptions and innovations that are likely to transform their industries. It gives them a first-hand view of the use cases for their business from the technologies like blockchain, robotics, AIML, etc.


    'Innovate or Perish'


    Presentation on the innovations that are disrupting and transforming your industry, and the risks associated with not embracing innovating.


    Innovate beyond the product

    Interactive session on how your company can think of innovations across across all aspects of your business via

    • Internal innovation 
    • External innovation 

    Tenets of innovation

    Interactive session on The 4Ws for embracing innovation - What, When, Who and Why


    Showcase of technologies changing the world

    Curated examples of technologies and innovation relevant to your business. These cover technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, ML, Robotics, Blockchain, AR/VR, Genomics , Biometrics, India Stack, Process transformation solutions, etc.


    Making innovation relevant to your company

    Idea generation session - Innovation Tournament Format - to brainstorm on possible and practical ideas for transforming your business.


    Innovation in Action

    Interactive session with relevant decision makers in your company to discuss how to integrate a culture of innovation in your company


    Profiles of 25 innovative solutions relevant to your company

    Online repository of 25 solutions that your internal team can consider adopting, based on thoughts and ideas generated in session 5


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