• David meets Goliath


    Interactive sessions where startups learn how to scale. And corporates learn how to be innovative, disruptive, nimble and creative.


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  • Why corporates and startups need to engage more

      Startups are at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Like David, they start with the premise that they can be crushed easily so they have to stay nimble footed and think crazy new solutions to get ahead. In the process they develop new technology, redefine business models, throw out the books on corporate strategy and write their own leaflets. Yet they remain fragile and need the right partnership to grow quickly.

      On the other hand, corporations become large because they know how too. They have physical strengths in their business network, customer base, brand appeal and ability manage complexity. But their size makes them slow and outdated in the modern economy.


      By exchanging notes, startups as well as corporates can benefit from new ideas that they can implement in their own businesses.

    • Small-group. Closed-door. Highly interactive learning sessions.

      Where startups and corporates learn from each other.

        These sessions will aim to cover all aspects of building and growing a business - business strategy, business models, product management, brand & marketing, sales & distribution, logistics and warehousing, go-to-market, costing & pricing strategies, financial & legal and technology.


        Each session is focused on a specific topic.

        • Facilitated by accomplished  individuals who share their learnings and experiences.
        • No gyan. No lectures. No panel discussions. 
        • Designed to address questions about your challenges and opportunities. 
        • No fee. No strings attached. Just sign up and land up. 

        • First session held on 26th March 2019

          4.00pm - 6.00 pm


          WeWork, 5th Floor, Two Horizon Center, DLF Phase 5, Gurugram


          Large companies have processes that allow them to build and sustain brands. But they also have large budgets. While this helps build strong brands, can startups teach corporates a thing or two about disrupting brand building.


          Startups innovate on how they build brands. While innovation and creativity is cost and time efficient, what can startups learn from corporates on how to replicate innovation at scale.


          This will be a highly interactive session, with not just the panelists but all participants would be invited to share their views.

        • Learning from the experiences and perspectives of:

          Vinay Piparsania

          Consulting Director

          Counter Point Research

          Ex-CEO BMW Oman, President MyTVS, Director Marketing Ford India

          Idi Srinivas Murthy


          Karma Spark

          Ex-CMO Coca Cola, SnapDeal

          Aakriti Bhargava


          BoringBrands and WiziKey

          Prasoon Gupta

          Co-founder & CEO


          Alok Agrawal

          Managing Partner

          The Growth Labs

          Ex-Group COO Network 18, CEO Zee Media

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